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eBush Pilot Select Sites

*Virtual North
Explore the world of Canadian Fishing Lodges,
Resorts, and Adventure Tours. This is a technically
superb site that deserves your time and attention.

My Canadian Logbook is the best long term investment that you can make for your aviation career. This online flight log will track your flying hours, just like your paper logbook, but also make the process much easier while allowing you to automatically break down each aircraft type and category according to your personal preference. Check here for the American version as well.

* Aviation Jobs Worldwide
  Jobs for pilots, flight attendants, ground crew and other aviation
  professionals worldwide.

* Bush Pilot Tour
Tom Claytor is a fascinating bush
  pilot flying a C180 around the World.
  His writing is superb and well worth the read.

* Owens Foundations for Wildlife Conservation
Mark Owens used his bush flying skills extensively
to protect the African wildlife from poachers and
mismanagement. Visit this site to find out more.

* Take Flight Video Productions
The Makers of 
The Real Life Aviator Video Series.

Canada's Home to Aviation on the Net.

* Robert Taylor
Award Winning Nature Photography.

* Rich Hulina
Award Winning Aviation Photography.

* Aviate Communicate
Aviation Language Proficiency Training. Teaching non-native
English speaking pilots and controllers Aviation English.

* Air Transport Consultant
Aviation Consultancy for Helicopters and Fixed-Wing Operators.
Specializing in Safety Audits and Risk Management Assessments.

*  All things Aviation and All things Canadian.

* Floatplane Pilots
This site is dedicated to all floatplane pilots past, present and future. We welcome
 both private and commercial pilots, as well as others with an interest in float flying.

* Bush Pilots of Alaska
"This is a book about American Spirit, about romanticism and realism, about a land so big and beautiful it defies description, and about men and women who love nothing more than to climb into their small planes, turn over the prop, and fly over that endless land."


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