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How to Take the "Bush" Out
 of the Bush Pilot

Virtual Horizons now brings to you a new concept in bush flying. How to take the bush out of the bush pilot. And better yet, how to take the bush out of the bush operation. With today's modern and very expensive bush planes becoming more and more prevalent pilots and operators have become more mindful of today's technology.
     We are here to help you find the resources and technology and to fully train not only the pilots but the entire crew involved in operating a modern bush plane. If you are looking to either introduce an amphib Caravan, Twin Otter, or Turbo-Beaver to your fleet or if you are planning to start a new air service in some untried niche market, checkout theThe Bush Pilot Company. We have what it takes to insure the safety and integrity of your investment with on-time operational and pilot training services.

Turbo-Beaver in Thunder Storm

How to Take the Bush Out of the Bush Pilot.
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Operational Flight Training
How we can help your flight operations take-off into wind.

Confidential Safety Audits
Operational Audits for Air Taxi and small Commuter Airlines.

* Safety Features Card: What It Means to the Bush Pilot. 
How to insure your cards are both legal and effective, and what to do if they are not.

Order Your Safety Features Cards.

* Weight and Balance: How Can You Be Sure You Are Safe and Legal?
Calculating your Center-of-Gravity has always been a nuisance if not downright difficult. What is the solution?

Try Out Our Weight and Balance Calculator

* Environmental Assessment of Caravan Amphibian. 
Is the seaplane an environmentally friendly alternative to roads and boats? We think so.

How to convince your park service to allow you to operate.

* Passenger Safety Briefings: Do They Need to Be Boring? 
Interpreting Your CAA Requirements for the Passenger Safety Briefing
and the Safety Features Card

Give your briefing as if your whole family were on board every flight.

* The Apprenticeship of Dudley-Do-Right: The Floatplane Pilot
How to Become a Floatplane Pilot. So you want to be a bush pilot. I think most pilots would agree that in order to be a true bush pilot you also have to be a floatplane pilot.
* The Failure of Success. How too much of a good thing can be bad.
History of Commercially Operated Cessan Caravan Amphibians A Short History of Commercially Operated Caravan Amphibians.
* Seaplanes & Salt Water; To Operate or Not to Operate? 
Operating Seaplanes In Salt Water Amphibian Maintenance. Make your decision early to either sink or swim on the world's oceans.
* Of Props, Rudders and Wind
How Asymmetric Thrust Effects the Aircraft How asymmetric thrust effects the aircraft and affects you the pilot. Know your forces and work with them.

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History of Commercially Operated Cessan Caravan Amphibians "Learn to land as sweet as wood smoke."
First by reading and then by doing. Reading does make a difference. You can't make all the mistakes yourself.

Find out how to do it right the first time
and then practice on the theme.

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