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Indonesian Moon!

The Story of Landing Inside the Rinjani Volcano:

There are some days that go better than others. Then there is the day that you are the first ever pilot to land a seaplane inside an active Volcano on a remote Indonesian island.
The Orinoco Delta: Proven Ability

Also featuring:
"Wish You Were Here"
A trip to the beautiful Caribbean Islands of Los Roque.

toucan1_5.jpg (29009 bytes) Although not an immediate success, we did manage to prove that operating a Caravan amphib in the Venezuelan Rainforest was entirely possible.
Start Your Own Seaplane Company

c208zsorr_5o.jpg (52456 bytes) A story of how one intrepid South African company reinvented themselves and started a seaplane operation in 28 days flat.
* Flying the Cessna Caravan in West Africa:

Cessna Caravan Amphibian Float flying in the Niger River Delta.
The story about flying a Caravan in West African was originally written for the Cessna Caravan News, (Vol. 10, No.3 Summer 1996.). Virtual Horizons brings to you the full unedited version as it was intended to be published.
* You Have Not Lived Until You Have Flown Seaplanes in the Maldives
The Rise and Fall of a Dream. The Story of Hummingbird Island Airways: Part One in a Series

Part Two

Part Three

Note from Editor John S Goulet:
"Learn to land as sweet as wood smoke." First by reading and then by doing. Reading does make a difference. You can't make all the mistakes yourself. Find out how to do it right the first time and then practice on the theme.

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