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Come join Virtual Horizons as we explore the world from the perspective of those select few who view the earth from above. You will share in watching the earth revolve and evolve beneath you as only a pilot can. The emphasis will be on pilots and aircraft that can fly without airports and control towers, but the connecting theme throughout the site will be the desire to fly to the remote areas of the world.
Live the virtual present and relive the past as we visit the incredibly beautiful landscapes of the bush pilot's realm. Experience the sheer excitement of flying into an otherwise inaccessible rainforest river, tropical lagoon, desert bush camp, remote mountain lake, mountain top, or offshore helideck in a Cessna, de Havilland, Bell, Sikorsky or any one of a variety of bush worthy aircraft flying today.
Not just for bush pilots, however, the Virtual Horizons site will be for anyone who has flown or who has ever wanted to fly. We will bring you stories, articles, letters, and photographs (fact or fiction; past or present) from and about bush pilots, seaplane pilots and helicopter pilots and the places they visit. Read about and communicate with bush pilots as they wing their way across the vast areas of the world's untamed wilderness.
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Bush Pilot Journals

Blogs have become a popular way to share thoughts and adventures with the world at large. Check in here for a pilot's journal.

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Face Book is the world's most popular method of social networking. Check in here for a pilot's version.


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Current updates on news and views in the world of aviation.These are travel and adventure updates associated with the "being there" rather than the "getting there."

  The Bush Pilot Company
Knowledge based articles and stories providing information & training required for operating modern bush planes and helicopters. The Bush Pilot Company will show you "how to take the bush out of the bush pilot", and better yet "how to take the bush out of the bush operation."


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       Feature Stories has a collection of aviation stories. Aviation Friends has the bush plane photo gallery, job links, and great flying stories from any one of you. Helicopter Friends has vertical lift stories and images including offshore flying. Prop Thrust has stories from the old and bold pilots.

      The Bush Pilot Company presents knowledge based articles and stories on operating modern bush planes. Every other page can be found from those four centers. For revisits, bookmark the home page. From there you can use the text links to jump ahead to your destination page.

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