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PropThrust is a pilot with an attitude. PropThrust is an old and bold pilot who tries for the most part to keep out of trouble but somehow just can't help expressing his opinions. PropThrust is a pilot suffering from too many bad weather days and too much time on his hands. Follow the links below for PropThrust Stories!
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* "Anyone See Smoke?"
How to Talk Yourself into Landing Inside an Active Volcano.
Here is an article that tests the limit to the "Challenge and Response" checklist that we all know and love.

* The Single Engine Myth
Would You Fly in a Single Engine Aircraft?
Many large companies won't award contracts to single engine aircraft. Is there a reason or is their reasoning just a hang over from WW11?

* Plunder of the Rainforest
Don't Blame the Starving Masses, Blame the Oil Companies.
The environmentalists say that the oil companies destroy the rainforest in their quest for black gold. That is not entirely true. Or at least that belief needs to be qualified.

* Escape From Richter Lake Outpost Camp
A Lesson in "Down but Not Out".
Making a Connection. Trouble shooting by connecting the dots.


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