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*The Airmanís World is an Unique Place Norseman and Keith Olson
By Keith Olson
As told to Shirlee Smith Matheson, here is a chapter out of the book, Flying the Frontiers. The reminisce of an Air Canada pilot remembering the "good old days" as a bush pilot. Keith flew Norseman, Otters, Beavers, and the Beech 18's until the day Air Canada called.

*The High Granite Wilderness: Grant McConichie
By biographer Ronald A. Keith
A story of isolation and trust. Bush pilot Grant McConachie had to earn the respect of the community and the clients he served with his struggling air service. He did so by dealing directly with the responsibilities thrust upon him by the trials and hardships of the north.

*Balancing on the Wing! Frontiers of Aviation
Aviators, ghosts, Machines, and the meaning of life.
A look at two books that at first glance have little in common, but share an uncommon heritage. WILD BLUE  and  Flying the Frontiers are editorial compilations of first-hand accounts by early and modern aviators who tell about their adventures or misadventures.

*Romance of the Aviator: The World of Aviation
For Most of Us Life is a Jar of Sand.
This editorial essay takes a hard look at how the notion of romance in bush flying led to the development of two of the world's premier airlines: Pan American World Airways and Canadian Pacific Airlines.  What could Juan Tripp, Charles Lindbergh, and Grant McConachie do that the Phoenicians, the Vikings, the Polynesians, and the Portuguese could not? 

*Bush Pilot With a Briefcase
How Grant McConachie,
Saved Us Bush Pilots,
by Becoming President of CPAir.
To find out how Air Canada swallowed Canadian Airlines, you really must read (or reread) the classic biography of Grant McConachie who went from bush pilot to airline president in a few short years.

Start here with the Editor's introduction and book review of the Canadian classic Bush Pilot With A Briefcase. This review explains how Grant McConachie, by biographical admission one of the worst owner/managers in the early history of aviation, did all us bush pilots a favor by becoming the President of Canadian Pacific Airlines.

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